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The Heartbeat of Military Operations

Case Studies of Combat Order Use

This collection showcases case studies of combat order use from across history, from World War One to the recent operations by United States forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. Read about how General Wood in World War Two charged across France with his division, operating on nothing but verbal orders. Or cringe as you learn how the British nearly lost the Battle of Goose Green of the Falklands War due to complicated, vague and centralized order processes. 

Major Brendan B. McBreen, USMC, 2004

Major John Garrett, USA, 2000

3rd Battalion, 7th Marines, USMC, 2004

US Army Command and General Staff College Press, USA, 1999

Major Brendan B. McBreen, USMC, 2000

Major Brendan B. McBreen, USMC, 2003

Keith Nightingale, Small Wars Journal, 2017

Major Thomas Greenwood, USMC, 1995

Major Brendan B. McBreen, USMC, 2003

Lieutenant Colonel Jens Kuster, Germany, 2016

Dr. William Glenn Robertson, 1985

Major Donald Vandergriff, USA, 2000

Major Brett Matzenbacher, US Army, 2018

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