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The Heartbeat of Military Operations

Combat Orders Overview and Best Practices

The best practices for creating and issuing combat orders have been collected to assist commanders in leading their troops. From different order formats, to advice in forming a commander's intent, to step-by-step guides on forming your orders, all are listed in this section.

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Lieutenant Colonel Brendan B. McBreen (USMC Ret)

Gunnery Sergeant Chad Skaggs (USMC), 2021

John Author, 2014

Combat Orders

Colonel General Lothar Rendulic, Germany, 1947

Major Matthew Smith, USA, 1988

Captain Michael Ettore, USMC, 1993

Lcpl Brendan B. McBreen, USMCR, 1989

Lieutenant Colonel John Antal, USA, 1995

Captain Eric Downes, USMCR, 1993

Lieutenant Colonel John Antal, USA, 1998

Major Brendan B. McBreen, USMC, 2001

Captain John Antal, USA, 1987

1st Lieutenant Elliot Ackerman, USMC, 2006

Captain H. B. Chamberlain, Australian Army, 1959

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