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Platoon Level
Tactical Decision Games

Author: Rittmester (Cavalry Captain) Patrik Schaathun, Norwegian Army

Description: Counterinsurgency, rules of engagement.

Author: Major Cody M. Weston

Description: Rules of Engagement, embassy defense.

Author: Major Scott E. Ukeily, USMC

Description: Scout sniper platoon operations, screening.

Author: Major David H. Mayhan, USMC

Description: Urban patrolling, urban combat.

Author: Sgt Richard A. Bell, USMC

Description: Counterinsurgency, battle damage assessment.

Author: Sgt Stephen Chorney, USMC

Description: Urban patrolling, close air support, enemy ambush

Author: Office of Naval Research

Description: Guard, platoon urban defense

***Links with the Close Combat Marine computer program***

Author: Andrew H. Hershey

Description: TRAP, platoon defense, close air support

Author: Andrew H. Hershey

Description: Platoon defense, Light Armored Reconnaissance, anti-armor

Author: Major John F. Schmitt, USMCR

Description: Movement to contact, chance contact

***Links to TDG "Meeting at the Mounds" located in our Squad TDGs section***

Author: Anonymous

Description: Movement to contact, hasty defense

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