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Lost and hard to find sources.


Operational Technique Memo

General George C. Marshall, 1947 

Notes on Orders

Brendan McBreen, 1998

FM 1-75 Combat Orders

Army Air Forces, 1942

66 Stories of Battle Command

Command and General Staff College

The German Approach

A German Approach to Combat Orders, 1913

Auftragstaktik: Thoughts of a German Officer

Lieutenant Colonel Knut Czeslik, 1991

The Art of Command

Colonel Von Spohn, 1907

Manual for Command and Combat Employment of Smaller Units

Department of the Army, 1952


Commander's Intent: Its Evolution in the United States Army

Lieutenant Colonel J.S. Patterson, 1994

The Intent of Intent

Captain John R. Sutherland, 1997

On the Issue of Orders

Captain H.B. Chamerlain, 1959


Infantry Rifle Squad Operations Orders

Jean L. Dyer, Robert H. Bennett and Robert H Sulzen, 1985

Combat Orders: An Analysis of the Tactical Orders Process

Major John Antal, 1990

The U.S. Army and Mission Command: Philosophy Versus Practice

Major Brett Matzenbacher, 2018

Plans that Survive First Contact

Major John Garrett, 1999

A Critique of Pure Success: Inchon Revisited, Revised and Contrasted

Russel H.S. Stolfi, 2004

The Evolution of Field Orders (Page 502)

Major C.H. Corlett, 1925

The Five Paragraph Field Order: Can a Better Format be Found to Transmit Combat Information to Small Tactical Units?

Major Matthew L. Smith, 1988

The Standard Operations Order Format: Is Its Current Form and Content Sufficient for Command and Control?

Major Edward J. Filiberti, 1988

Operational Art and the German Command System in Word War I

Bradley J Meyer, 1988

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